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Welcome to the Student Resources Page

Here you will find resources to help you practice including play-along-videos, audio backing tracking tracks, online games and recommended apps. Check back regularly for updates!

Play-Along Videos

I'm consistently creating play-along videos to help my students practice.


Visit the Youtube Channel for the full collection!

Play-along Audio Tracks

Play-along tracks are a great way to make sure you're playing songs correctly and with good rhythm,

Guitar For the Small Fry 1A - Whole Book

Guitar For the Small Fry 1B - Whole Book 

Amazing Grace (Mel Bay Guitar Method) -  Chords at 65BPM  
Amazing Grace (Mel Bay Guitar Method)- Melody at 55BPM, 65BPM, 75BPM

Blues Shuffle [Key of A] - Riff at 45BPM Chords at 60BPM

Shuffle Drum Beat at 60BPM

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (A.K.A. Sparkling Stella in Mel Bay) [ Key of G] - Chords and Melody at 70BPM

When the Saints Go Marching In [Key of G]:  Melody [60BPM] and Melody & Chords [80BPM], 

    Recommended Apps

    Chord/Scale and Theory Reference Charts

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